Our story

Lunnheim is where it all began, nestled within the Norwegian countryside —a farm and forge passed down through generations of the Myhre family.

With a legacy deeply rooted in the art of blacksmithing, the new furniture and product company, "Lunnheim," pays homage to the skilled craftsmen whose hands shaped and forged furniture and products for decades.

In 2023, Kristian and Martin Myhre embarked on their own journey, driven by the ambition to create lifestyle statement pieces made to withstand the test of time – based on a mix of pure, high-quality materials, expressive hand crafted details and modern creativity.

“At Lunnheim, we strive to merge the art of traditional Norwegian craftsmanship with the intricate simplicity of modern design. Our aspiration is that every piece leaving our workshop becomes acherished part of someone’s story for decades to come”.